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Alter Ego Liability

Holding corporate principals personally liable can be a key factor to resolving business litigation. If corporate principals have to pay damages out of their own pockets, the complexion of the litigation changes dramatically.

Mr. Wirtschafter has “pierced the corporate veil” on several occasions. 

In one case, Mr. Wirtschafter discovered six-figure government checks deposited in personal bank accounts.  He obtained an order allowing his client to review the defendant principal’s individual, private bank accounts.  Using that information, Mr. Wirtschafter filed a rare plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment, which led to a settlement.

In another case, Mr. Wirtschafter located a forged set of articles of incorporation, which had been used by a principal to obtain a business license for a medical corporation.  In an ex parte motion without notice to the other side, which is almost unheard of, he obtained an order allowing collection from the individual for the corporate debt.

In a different matter, Mr. Wirtschafter obtained information about a pending acquisition of a business.  After a lien was placed on the transaction, the parties mediated the dispute, which led to the payment of the six-figure debt in full with interest.

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