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Nathan D. Wirtschafter Corp. handles collections from both businesses and consumers in California. For a free consultation about our ability to help you collect money owed to you, please contact our office.

We represent individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations on a wide range of collection matters. These include:

Our experience in collection is significant, including collection from corporations which are supposedly bankrupt, alter egos and individuals. Often, it just takes leverage: a lien on a business transaction, filing of litigation, garnishing wages or scheduling a judgment debtor exam. Or, we can make simple suggestions, which often lead to payment.
Lawyers can help collect debts in bad times. We can provide strategic consulting on collection and give principals an understanding of how an attorney can help them.

Often, we can suggest ways to collect through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If appropriate, we can coach you from behind the scenes, so that you can reach a satisfactory resolution without the parties retaining attorneys and going to court.

For additional information about our experience or if you would like to speak with an attorney about your legal issue, please call us at (818) 660-2518. If you prefer you may email us or fill out the Contact Us form, and an attorney will respond promptly. We look forward to hearing from you!