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Representation of Israeli Clients in California

Mr. Wirtschafter has represented many clients with Israeli connections in California courts. A few examples are discussed below:

In one case with a principal based in Jerusalem, Israel, Mr. Wirtschafter’s clients prevailed against two divisions of a company traded on the NASDAQ. The defendants’ lawyers attempted a “scorched-earth” defense, resulting in several lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County and Orange County, along with an arbitration before a retired Judge handled by the American Arbitration Association.

Mr. Wirtschafter’s clients won approximately $1 million and defeated a $3 million counter-claim. Two directors, including an officer of the publicly-traded company, were also held personally liable, despite the claim by their attorneys that they were not responsible. In that action, Mr. Wirtschafter deposed the President of the publicly-traded company. The Los Angeles Superior Court’s decision in that case was recently upheld by the California Court of Appeal.

Mr. Wirtschafter has also successfully represented other clients with Israel connections in disputes with major U.S. companies. In a recent case, a billion-dollar corporation based in California resolved its claim without litigation.

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