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Unfair Competition

Unfair competition law attempts to enforce a certain level of fairness in business practice. To take one example, unfair competition law prevents the use by a former employee of confidential information, such as price lists, in subsequent employment.

This firm has handled several situations on behalf of employers after confidentiality agreements have been violated by former employees. Often, a carefully-drafted cease and desist letter, coupled with the threat of litigation, can resolve the situation. In other cases, it’s best to have the employer contact the former employee directly.

Sometimes, claims of unfair competition include allegations of trademark infringement or even defamation. For example, there may be claim that the use of a similar mark dilutes or infringes a pre-existing trademark. Or, there may an allegation that the use of certain words or phrases causes harm by defamation.

Mr. Wirtschafter has provided assistance to parties concerning claims of trademark dilution or infringement. He has also given counsel regarding business defamation.

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